customized rubber belt for caterpillar haul off machine

Our caterpillar belt used for pneumatic haul off device of cable machine. Now we use rope structure and trimming process instead of original cloth structure.The characteristic is small stretch, streight belt body, wear-resistant and high temperature resistant. And our belts approved by many National Cable Factory, Electrical Machinery Factory.

 I. Technical Specification:

Specification(Inner Length, Width, Thickness)






Traction Layer

Rubber: Imported NR


Bottom layer

Rubber: CR ;neoprene

Reinforcement: Polyester Cord + Fabric


Mechanical Properties

High breaking load;
High Wear Resistance;
Low Elongation at Working Load;
Aging Proof



60-85°± 5°(cable traction) 
60-85°± 5°(optical cable; plastic and pipe Traction etc.)


Max. temperature



Delievery Time

Depend on Quantity and Model



Rubber Mixing, Winding,Rubber Adding, Cutting,Grinding, QC, Packaging and Delivering



Cable, Optical cable, Plastic, Rubber tube, Pipe, Seal and Packaging industry etc.


II. Type: Flat belt,Multi-wedge belt,Groove type belt,guided belt
III. Color:black, red, white, green, blue.

IV. Available specifications and tolerances

Optional Model (also can be customized)

TQD300 KG-2410*70*12

TQD800 KG-4150*100*17

TQD2000 KG-6230*135*20

TQD200 KG-2170*70*12

TQD800 KG-4170*100*17

TQD2500 KG-6940*140*20

TQD500 KG-2840*80*15

TQD1250 KG-4960*120*20

TQD3200 KG-7930*145*22

TQD500 KG-2930*80*15

TQD1250 KG-4980*120*20

TQD3200 KG-7940*150*22

TQD800 KG-3970*100*17

TQD1600 KG-5620*120*20

TQD4000 KG-8300*165*22

TQD800 KG-4000*100*17

TQD1600 KG-5750*120*20

TQD4000 KG-9380*165*25